Thursday, 11 April 2019


Victoria's Knitted Creations

There’s an initiative running for people to crochet or knit octopuses for premature babies because the tentacules remind the baby of the umbilical cord which relaxes them. They also make the baby less likely to pull on the tubes in the incubator....

There’s an initiative going for walks for human beings to crochet or knit octopuses for untimely infants due to the fact the tentacules remind the infant of the umbilical cord which relaxes them. They additionally make the baby much less in all likelihood to pull at the tubes within the incubator. This was a exercise move for me so I could see how hard the sample turned into (it become lots less complicated than I anticipated) I intentionally used the wrong yarn and needles as this become just a exercise however once an appropriate needles I’ve ordered arrive I can have a go for real.

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